The Law Firm

Originally it was established in 1987 by Dr. Nikolaus Pirhofer, Attorney at Law. Today the law firm Dr. Pirhofer, Dr. De Giusppe & Partner consists of its founding member and senior partner Dr. Pirhofer, Dr. De Giuseppe, Attorney at Law, and four other associates.

Our assignments are allocated in internal discussions, depending on which area of expertise in civil and commercial law the particular activities entails. The broad spectrum of competencies coupled with specialist knowledge enables our law firm to provide comprehensive, efficient advice and representation to private and corporate customers alike.

Our collaboration with a law firm in Frankfurt on the Main and our memberships of international attorney networks provide the basis for the bilateral handling of cross-border cases in German/Austrian/Italian legal relations.

Appointments can be arranged with the office by telephone or online. Our office hours are from Monday to Thursday from 08.30 to 12.30 hrs and 15.00 to 18.00 hrs and Fridays from 08.30 to 12.30 hrs. Meetings can also be arranged outside of these times by appointment.

Areas of Expertise

Familiy law

Family law Divorce and separation and the maintenance claims, visitation rights and asset splitting these situations entail require a due assessment of all the circumstances involved. Many

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Inheritance law

Wills and endowments during a person’s lifetime are supposed to set out the line of succession in due time and allow straightforward division of the estate, avoid double-taxation for cross-border inheritance and limit

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Tenancy and leasehold law

The firm’s regular tenancy law clients include parties to both corporate and residential tenancy agreements. Our work involves drawing up contracts in the run-up to conclusion, solving problems during

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Traffic law

Two key aspects of traffic law and damage law are loss assessment and the assignment of blame. Potential causes are a road traffic accident or even medical intervention with consequential damage.

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International law

International conventions and EU law resort directly to national law, which is why the firm’s knowledge of the clientele it represents often creates leverage in negotiations and actions.

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Real estate law

Real estate law overlaps with a number of other legal fields. It covers all issues regarding dwellings and estate, easements and boundary definition, as well as trespassing and its prevention.

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Commercial law

Dr. Pirhofer, Dr. De Giuseppe & Partner is also the right partner if you need advice on commercial or business law issues. Both these fields can involve, besides the usual cases before the ordinary courts, arbitration

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Employment law

Dr. Jochen Pichler, Attorney at Law, also focuses on employment law cases: standards and procedures specific to employment law play a key role here. Dr. Pirhofer, Dr. De Giuseppe & Partner has a fundamental understanding ,

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The Team

RA Dr. Nikolaus Pirhofer 

Dr. Nikolaus Pirhofer was born on 06.01.1956 in Meran, Italy. Having studied Italian law in Bologna, he earned his doctorate with top marks in 1980 and went on to complete his internship in a renowned law firm in Bozen, Italy. He became a member of the Bozen Bar Association in 1985 and has managed his own law firm since 1987. In addition to Italy’s Higher District Courts, he was also admitted in 1998 to the Bar at the Supreme Court of Rome. In 1997, he became a member of the attorney chamber for the Higher Regional Court of Munich, which entitles him to act there too.

German and Italian are the equivalent business languages of the law firm and all its employees. Dr. Pirhofer has an excellent command of spoken and written English and is also able to use Spanish in meetings.

Advising and representing his clients, Dr. Nikolaus Pirhofer focuses primarily on real estate and contract law, family law and inheritance law, as well as damage law. He also has outstanding knowledge of and contacts in international law, which frequently come into play due to the firm’s long-standing commitment in German/Austrian/Italian relations.

RA Dr. Mark Antonio De Giuseppe

Dr. Mark Antonio De Giuseppe was born 29.08.1981 in Meran, Italy and was raised speaking both Italian and German, as a result of which he has a perfect command of the two languages. His law studies in Trient, Italy, focused on criminal law (thesis in criminology).

Systematic thinking has always been his passion. Back in his youth, he became a runner up at the Mathematical Olympiad. While still studying, he was invited to the ‘Real – und Humanistische Gymnasium’ grammar school in Bozen as a part-time professor of both law and mathematics.

He has been a football referee for 9 years and took charge of games at national level in the Italian Serie D league from 2006 to 2008. He is now a member of the committee responsible for allocating referees at the highest level in South Tirol.

Following his graduation, he completed his internship at Pirhofer & Partner and attended alongside his training the “scuola di specializzazione per le professioni legali”, an advanced specialisation seminar.

Avv. Dott. Mario Filtzinger

Studies of law at the University Bremen, Johannes-Gutenberg-University Mainz and the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer (Study: Appliance of the Self-rating System CAF). Publication in Speyer Journal. Emphasis on Italian inheritance law and international civil law at Prof. Smiroldo (Universita La Sapienza Roma).

Referee at the “Schwetzinger Erbrechtstage 2011”.

Writer in the manual of corporate successions (ISBN 978-3-941586-17-8, publishing company: zerb).

Since January 2005 lawyer, since October 2010 lawyer specialised in inheritance law.

RA Dr.  Tobias Egger

RA Dr. Julia Telser

Dr. Julia Telser was born on 25.05.1984 in Meran, Italy. She studied Italian law in Innsbruck, Austria and earned her Doctorate at the age of just 23. She studied for six months in Milan, where she was able to consolidate her legal knowledge.

She has an equivalent command of German and Italian.

Her penchant for international and especially EU law, in which she continues to specialise, dates back to her university time.

In early 2008, she completed her internship at Pirhofer & Partner; her main fields being family and inheritance law.