Dr. Pirhofer, Dr. De Giuseppe & Partner places its main emphasis on profound knowledge and alongside a general root in civil law as a whole, specialises in various legal fields (see: Areas of expertise).

All our attorneys are committed to effective process management and optimised risk reduction. Compromises, where they meet the expectations, needs and interests of our clients, are preferred mainly in family and inheritance law, as well as in corporate disputes and lengthy proceedings.

In our activities, we pay particular attention to the conduct and strategy of cases. First, the initial client discussion and then the clarification of a possible out-of-court settlement, without compromising our clients’ fundamental requirements. This approach to solving conflict also pays off in damage actions against insurance companies.


Especially in family, inheritance and debt collection law, research on the opposite party’s situation before initiating an action can bring huge benefits.

To assist our clients in this regard, we work with investigative agencies who research an individual’s/company’s financial position or personal situation.

The results of that research enable us to make a realistic assessment of the cost factors and the process risks involved, the result being a more effective strategic decision.

Debt collection

Especially when debt collecting via existing prominent attorney networks, via national and international investigative agencies and credit rating agencies, research is conducted in the first instance on the debtors’ income, asset and property positions.
So before any lengthy actions that have a cost impact on the client are brought, the enforceability of the judgement is clarified beforehand, not least to prevent the potential success of the case being ruined by imminent insolvency.

Corporate consulting

Primarily in the commercial and company law sector, we offer comprehensive advice to those organisations that have engaged us. Where asked, not only do we look at the problem that has arisen per se, we suggest to your clients the ways and means of avoiding similar problems in the future.
Likewise, we offer complete advice on the legal structuring of companies, especially in their foundation phase and as they go on to collaborate with management consultants.

Family law advice

Our law firm supports families on both the basic decisions to be taken at the outset and then during the diverse, later phases of their life. We explain to young married couples the various asset arrangements of our legal system and support them in their decisions. We provide on-going information on safeguarding assets for children and other family members, on inheritance issues, asset splitting, separation of property and joint property, enabling every member of a family to take decisions adapted to their situation.
In case of separation or divorce, we offer the client comprehensive advice before initiating the action and explain amicable potential solutions, which can often avoid gruelling and costly proceedings.
In child law, our priority is to afford respect to both parents (biparental approach) as well as to heeding expanded handling rules. Our law firm is resolutely opposed to both child detention and withdrawal.

Process cost management

Cost transparency and efficiency in the customers’ interest is of paramount importance to our entire team.

Generally speaking, cost allocation is carried out at the effective case value and in compliance with the Italian Attorney’s Tariff Ordinance.

Hourly fees and contingent free arrangements can also be agreed on request.