The office is located on the Palais Esplanade in the centre of Meran (South Tirol) at Sandplatz 2, right by the Bozner Tor. Adequate parking facilities are provided by a parking area near the Hotel Palace and another parking area by the Therme Meran. Thanks to its central location, the office is also easy to reach by public transport.

German clients are also supported through the Frankfurt on the Main office of RA Dr. Mario Filtzinger Attorneys in Wiesenau 27-29. Appointments can be made with the attorneys at Dr. Pirhofer, Dr. De Giuseppe & Partner for meetings at this office.

Parking facilities

Romstrasse/via Roma ends at a set of traffic lights along the River Passer, where the road splits: turn left towards the Meraner Thermen or turn right towards the 5* Hotel Palace, following signs for the Jaufenpass.

Whichever direction you take, you will never be more than 200 metres from metered parking:

If you turn left at the traffic lights, you will immediately enter the underpass below Thermenplatz, where you can turn right into the underground Therme car park.

If you turn right at the traffic lights, continue for 50 metres and turn right again into the Minigolf car park directly below the renowned Hotel Palace.